9 common web design problems

9 common web design problems
23 January 2022     3150

9 common web design problems

What is the purpose of the website? To give a general answer, this may relate to your organizations mission or resources to do certain things. In order to either provide information to the customer or get the possibility of a certain transaction from them, interest is important first.

Interest in online space is rarely driven by content. This should come as no surprise as we live in an age of disinformation. Even if you have something really valuable to say, it is better if you convey it in the right way. Just as rhetoric was more relevant to people in the past than philosophy, today the visual aspect of design is more important than the content.

Common problems

Any action that a user takes to convert your site is. Conversion capabilities should be important to you if your goal is to interest the customer or offer them a service. This is where we come across many obstacles related to web design. According to Wiredimpact these are the 11 most problematic and common.

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1. Low contrast text

It is easy to understand that if the customer can not read your writing well then you can not get to the conversion. Even if it is not a big problem for you, some users may be annoyed by such a decision

It is therefore important that your site is as accessible as possible to any type of person.

We offer tools like WebAim to make it easy to pick colors on your site. WebAim will provide you with information on how well your chosen contrast meets the accessibility standards. Additionally, scales are offered to help you better understand the solution.

2. Hide links

Hiding links for potential users is the same as hiding information. If they have some interest in your organization naturally it is better to allow them to explore it.

Either draw links or make other colors to make them look better. The better in brand colors if it fits.

3. Slow Website

It is important that your users can easily consume your content without any problems. Most users use mobile phones so if your site is not optimized in this regard you will lose conversions.

4. The pop-up believer will be kicked out

Give the customer time to review some content before you interfere in any way. If a pop-up is very important, try to make sure of the value of the site before you block it. The recommended period starts at 10 seconds. However, keep pop-ups to a minimum or get rid of them late.

5. Batch carousel

A study by the Nielsen Norman Group showed that half of the sites users jump directly to any element that looks like an advertisement as a kind of image carousel. It does not matter if the note information is actually written here or not.

Web Design Mistakes, Design Mistakes, Design Corrections, Redesign, Design Tips, Design Tips, Design Blog

Additionally, posting a few images causes the site to slow down which affects attention, interest and SEO.

6. Misuse of the home page

On the home page it is important to indicate what your organization does. Users will do nothing if they are not aware of the functionality of your website. Even a one-sentence summary is enough to convey something. Do not hide information on hard-to-find pages. If anything noticeable show it to the customer soon.

7. Use low quality images

Images are a significant variable in relation to websites in general. However it is necessary to note that the more positive the impact of interesting, high-quality images the more negative the impact of low-quality ones. The visual should focus on the message you want to promote. Poor quality images, on the other hand, prevent this.

8. Blank buttons

It is important for consumers to know what follows this or that action. Question marks on this issue do not appear in Jobs. Try to be as specific as possible when describing what comes with clicking this or that button or link.

Web Design Mistakes, Design Mistakes, Design Corrections, Redesign, Design Tips, Design Tips, Design Blog

9. Hard to write final content

People will rarely read every word on your webpage. This is especially true of the CTA which is hidden behind the text. Divide your text into parts, with its headers and bulletins to make it easier to conclude your information.

This formatting also facilitates accessibility. The latter is very important.

Enabling customers to make interaction with your organization as easy as possible should be one of the key parts of any business. Hopefully these recommendations will help you improve your approach in this area.