11 tips on logo redesign

11 tips on logo redesign
20 December 2021     2554

11 tips on logo redesign

We have already offered you a blog which centered on 6 tips regarding designing logos. This time, WiredImpact is offering us 11 reasons as to why redesigning your logo might be a good idea.

Despite your logo seemingly being a small detail it is one of the first things a person notices about your brand. As they begin to associate any and all activity on your part to this small little image it is obviously preferable to have a clear and distinct representative.

If you are wondering whether redesigning is a good fit for your situation you might want to ask yourself the following questions in order to better understand the circumstances you are in and the longevity as well as the quality of your logo:

Is your logo clear and concise?

Understand that you might have to make your logo smaller, therefore it is advisable to have the type of logo that retains its attractiveness at smaller sizes.

Is the text on it easy to read?

Pay attention to color as well as font. Too bright of a color creates a deep contrast with darker backgrounds but it becomes an eyesore on white pages. Note that script styles or decorative fonts are harder to comprehend at smaller sizes.

Does your logo use 3 colors or less?

When designing a logo it is hard to go wrong with simplicity. Using multiple colors together might look great on some logos, such as It Gets Better Project; But in general more colors imply more complexity which affect clarity negatively.

Is your logo outdated?

If your logo easily fits into the 90s then it is recommended that you think about updating it. It is one thing for the brand to choose a 90s-esque style but it is another matter completely for it to look outdated, not trendy. In general even when giving your logo a retro look it is better to do it in a modern way.

Is your logo representative of your organization?

A logo must represent the different traits and specificities attributable to your organization. Ask yourself about and enquire into the vision, or the traditional values, maybe its relationship to different generations, its mission and the general nature of the company.

Is it designed by a professional?

If the answer is no you are usually better off hiring a professional graphic designer in order for them to do the work for you. In general it is preferable for an organization to develop a "Do it yourself" attitude but with regards to the entire visual backbone of the company one can do worse than hire someone who is especially adept at it. Additionally, they are better suited to design the type of logo that advances cohesion among the different elements in your brand.

Does your logo signify some name?

If the logo contains some acronym, then it ought to align with your organization. If it is a full name, then do it correspondingly. In general, it is not a bad idea to meet your customers expectations in order to develop a stable image.

Does the quality drop as you upscale/downscale?

An incremental change is not worth a complete readjustment but if the issue is noticeable one might consider it a somewhat serious problem. Using AI or EPS vector file for scaling is a decent idea. You can upscale or downscale the vector files according to your needs or desires without losing any quality. JPG on the other hand gets pretty blurry when undergoing a similar process.

Do you have a version with a transparent background?

If a designer is able to offer you something along these lines, naturally, it is a big plus as your logo will fit more neatly in the design of other websites and will not create an awkward contrast.

Do you have fully black or white versions?

Fully black versions are preferable when dealing with printing associated variables. As for the white one it is a decent idea when the background is pretty dark or black altogether.

Do you have a few variations of the logo?

Despite it not being obligatory for all organizations it still does not hurt to have options available. With differing backgrounds, applications, websites and pictures you can insert the variant that is more accommodating to the specific scenario.