A New Year - A New Website

A New Year - A New Website
11 January 2022     2674

A New Year - A New Website

First of all, MyGO wishes you a merry Christmas and a happy New-Year!

Throughout the next year a lot of new designers will try to jumpstart their business or contribute to someone elses.

The more experienced users will know that this is impossible by simply getting a new and appealing website.

There are a few factors that are necessary to take into account in terms of online businesses.

It is intuitive to think like this:

This approach is obviously satirical and does not reflect reality whatsoever. But at the same time hopes along these lines are weirdly prevalent.

Step #2

For many, according to Fat Beehives Alan Martin, the second step is making a new website. Although, just like with regards to education, a new website alone is powerless to let you accomplish the goals that an usual online-business owner has. Step 3, profit, is almost always connected with some sort of luck and factors which help popularize your business.

A brand new website

It is self-evident that a shiny, fresh website on its own can not elevate you to popularity. If people are not even aware of your online presence there is no way they can enjoy your content or the design. This is not one small step, however; The biggest hurdle in online-business is exactly this phase. You can have the most beautiful website in the entire country, with the most interesting content and well-oiled functionality, yet if no one has heard of you it will remain in the online-oblivion.

There are about 2 billion website on the web. An average user frequents only a few of them. This might sound bleak, but you should be aware of what you are getting yourself into.

It is a serious stroke of luck to come across a new website suited for you needs in the wild. If your site is getting recognition it is, probably, because of these 3 factors:

- People already know of your website and are directly searching you through your URL in the browser (Direct traffic)
- People have found you through Google (Search traffic)
- People have found you from a different website, which had linked yours (Referent traffic)

From these II and III can be because of your website but there is no direct link, necessarily. In short, in the case of the II your website should be built on SEO principles and practices, with the code corresponding to those practices; as well as a strategy for using key phrases.

If your website is likely to help out different people in a significant way then the III one is also quite noteworthy. There are no guarantees, but it will be an effective way to progress down that path.

With respect to the I one branding, marketing and communicative skills play a crucial role (in conjunction with luck). If you have some offline marketing experience, it will come in handy too. Social media and paid advertising are ways of advancing your business in this sphere.

Facebook & Instagram allow you to directly engage your target audience and provide them with specific information about your services, which ought to be aligned with their interests. Google, on the other hand, allows you to coalesce different key phrases and marketing elements in order to make your organization more recognizable and searchable.

This type of marketing approach, with some luck, will indirectly help you along II and III aspects as well. Using the name of your website often means more traffic. Intra-site linking is also an effective way to affect your Google ranking in a positive way.

The advantages of a new website

Perhaps, you are wondering if it is worth it to make a new website at all. If you can handle all 3 of the fragments that we have outlined, this still is not enough for conversions. In addition to these, your website has to be at least satisfactory enough for the user. Which is a pretty tall order for old websites.

New sites also are good for garnering trust, especially when it comes to financial transactions. Smooth navigation, on the other hand, allows you to redirect the user wherever you please.

Of course this sounds simpler on paper than it is in real life. In general, it is recommended that you follow the best UI design practices, regulate the content tone and accordingly. But the most important is still testing and the resources required for them.

To summarize, a new website on its own, does not entail better results; Your budget, therefore, ought to reflect that.

Hence, it is better to start a New-Year with a more strategic approach!