Communication praxis

Communication praxis
11 January 2022     3857

Communication praxis

Every organization need a communication strategy which described the values, views and the goals of that organization. The relationship developed on the grounds of this communicative practice ought to engage both parties.

On the one hand you try to share precisely those principles and ideas which you consider to be of value. And you try to accommodate your services and products to the demands and needs which, if not actually ethical, are not, at the very least, unjustified.

On the other hand you try to do this while representing, what you think, are the strongest aspects of these values and ideas earnestly. With the same earnestness you attempt to outline some of the weaknesses and underline why you think they are overshadowed and how this reflects on your organization.

And as it stands, it should be enough to satisfy your followers while allowing you to further advance your business and organizational stature.

It is not surprising that for most modern companies development just means attempts at profit maximization. The quality of a service or a product is only of instrumental value and nothing more.

Strategies and difficulties

A lot of companies struggle at coming up with a style of communication that is peculiar to them. According to Morwebs Shiksha Sharma this is because:

  • Do not have an approach which is oriented around their users
  • Their communication is not tailored for the different segments of their audience
  • They do not manage to focus on establishing a relatinship
  • They are not able to strike a balance between their reasons for communication and their content of the communication.

The following practices will help you develop a more effective strategy for your organization

Personalization of communication

Developing a strategy of communication depends on the research regarding your target audience. You might want to attract brand new segments, in which case, your best bets are marketing efforts.

If this is not the case then you can delineate a few elements in order to make decisions based on them. For example:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Income
  • Potential interests
  • Level of education
  • Similar experiences

Certain businesses focus on specific demographics instead of the general population. If you have an online-business it is recommended that you aim the younger audience, especially if donations are an important part of your business.


Research will help you get direct information from your followers. There are two crucial components here

First: Your research will not be representative if an actual researcher is not the one conducting it. So, do not get your hopes up regarding generalizing the results.

Second: The Georgian market is different from the US market and thus the studies conducted there do not necessarily apply here.

After considering these limitations (among many other) you can ask your users the following questions:

  • How did you come across our organization?
  • Have you had any problems when trying to reach us?
  • What would you improve?
  • Is there anything that you are passionate?
  • What was your first impression upon entering our site?

Projects and accomplishments

For both the present and potential users trust is an vital aspect of their relation to you. Showcasing your past accomplishments along with your successful projects is good way to garner some trust.

This will help you when recruiting, too.

Asking for consent

Every marketer has "ingenious" ideas about blowing up your followers mailbox with different ads.

But this will alienate your users more than get them further on your side.

Always ask for consent first. You can integrate delayed pop-ups or checkboxes in order to do that.

Use inclusive language

The language you use is bound to affect the way your followers perceive you. For example a lot of companies, today, try to use "woke", "how are you doing fellow kids" language that comes across more as outdated than sincerely progressive.

But that is not to say that all progressive language is bound to fail in such a manner. You can integrate them in a way that shows that you, the person behind the screen, have actually thought about these subjects and are not merely bringing them up in order to make a quick buck on the popular social justice trend.

Website optimization

Your website is an information hub, the optimization of which, will help you get information across in the way you see fit.

The relationship between the website and its information resembles one of ethics and rhetoric. Rhetoric helps us when conversing with people who have not had much experience inquiring in ethics.

Pay attention to your CTAs and your internal links. If your users are curios they should be able to quench their thirst by exploring your content. A good hosting provider will make sure their journey is smooth as well.

Summing up

Developing a successful strategy is a process which depends on different skills and approaches.

Make sure you are using these tips in order to improve your communication practices with regards to your followers.