Start of the year marketing

Start of the year marketing
19 January 2022     2289

Start of the year marketing

Marketing during this period is of unique importance, because, on the one hand, you have an opportunity to review all of the mistakes you have made in the past year, analyze them bit-by-bit and try to understand where you went wrong with expressing the values of your brand through marketing.

On the other hand, you can, through this analysis, improve on these mistakes and, with some luck, not make them again in the following year.

You can also go through some of the precepts you had applied in the previous year and consider whether they are replaceable or not. Naturally, there should be some values you ought to refuse to set aside.

The following tips from Firespring, on which we have elaborated on, will help you reify this outlook in your practical, day-to-day matters.

The Industry and competition

Conducting different types of researches and surveys, as well as reading up on the overview of the industry through reports and analyses, are important tools for marketing in this field.

It is also quite intriguing as to how different waves of Covid have affected the motivations of the consumers as well as how the principles of behavioral economics affect the industry at a given period of time.

This will make your job easier and smoother. Easier, since you will already be aware of the different variables at play in the industry and smoother because you can capitalize on this knowledge and speed up your day-to-day operations.

Market surveys will also help you understand where your competitors are coming from. Who are they trying to reach and with what means? What kind of services do they provide? Do they have a concrete marketing plan? Pay attention to the positive and negative elements in their organization which affect people one way or another. Through their experience you can learn you lessons and improve the state of your business.

The brand and it goals

At the end/start of the year you can also review the parts of the brand that are supposed to be fresh and trendy. Have any of the visual elements associated with your organization gone stale or lost aesthetic value? Is the visual representation of your brand coherent across all platforms? Do they even hint at the more fundamental ethical foundations of your organization in any way?

2022 is also a long enough year (Just like all the other years!) to start dipping your toes in other industries. Specifically, it is quite easy for graphic designers to begin focusing on charities and charity-related activities, such as volunteering.

Especially, if you have suffered some disappointments along the way. This step will allow you to re-orient yourself. If you do take the plunge, then charity is as good of an occupation as any, if not better.

If you choose any other goal, be sure to ask your (co)workers about their opinions regarding the mission. Their ideas concerning your plans and the criticism they will levy will provide a stronger backing for it. There is no good reason not to check the possible weak-spots.

Additionally, this helps the workers stay informed and engaged with the project, which is crucial.

Teamwork and support

It is very rare for an organization to be carried to success by any single or couple of individual. You have often heard this claimed about the likes of Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Steve jobs. But these are just names. The real work was carried out by the workers they had hired. The real work was done beyond the spotlight. As such any credit to be assigned is to the team itself and not one or two individual members.

With this in mind, take into account the fact that your team is inherently valuable, because the individuals which make up the team are inherently valuable.