The landing page & its importance

The landing page & its importance
24 January 2022     3554

The landing page & its importance

A landing page is one of the most important parts of the campaign, considering the fact that certain engagements from the users side have to be met with opportunities for you both to capitalize on.

More specifically if we are dealing with different types of organizational variables during campaigning, for example, advertisements, newsletters, we should use this tool in order to convert on the interest of the visitor.

It is also worthy of note to delineate between the main pages and landing pages. Of course, certain pages could provide different types of functions for the user but landing pages are unique in terms of their use.

A sketch of a landing page

Landing pages are there for one thing, main pages, on the other hand, should evoke interest and channel it towards the organization.

Additional differences

One more thing is of note: There should be no unnecessary links. Nothing that would take the user to anything that is unrelated to their interest at the moment. No confusion. The concentration needs to be on one things only.

With this in mind, it becomes clear as to why the function dominates the form in this regard. Naturally, this does not mean that you can disregard the design aspect of it all, but you need to focus more on how the page is actually built; and whether it serves the purposes it was intended for.

Of course main pages are still crucial because they allow users to enquire into your website, read up on your projects, go through your blogs, analyze your goals and, simply, enjoy the design.

The main page is the first piece of the puzzle, the landing page is the last. It contains, within itself, the CTA that you think is the most vital.

A graphic element in the same style

Content, as well, has to be on the limited side in order not to distract the user from the task at hand.

Different types

Depending on the content and the form the typology changes itself when it comes to landing pages.

If, for example, you use the video format in order to get across whatever message you want to get across then the site has to be structured correspondingly. The rest of the content has to not take up too much space, videos, on their own, demand enough attention. That is their weaker side, but if someone actually sticks with it can actually be quite informative for them and will help you be as detailed as possible. Still, try to make them on the shorter side.

Product detail landing pages concentrate on the advantages of this or that product. As a result, you can kick it up a notch when it comes to content. Additionally, you can include a CTA which connects one of your co-workers with the user.

This category is subdivided into two additional categories. Whether the user is aware of the product and whether they already like it or not determines what sort of configuration fits best in this situation. If they are already positively predisposed then you will not need too much convincing; Focus on the CTA.

But if you have to convince them with the landing page then the process becomes more convoluted. A lot of businesses try to clutter up their entire pages blabbering on endlessly about how good the product is. Just use links, in this case. If you are worried about them missing CTAs then drop the CTAS on the linked pages as well.

A graphic illustration of a landing page

If you think a call-to-action is too forward you could try placing the button at the very end of the list. At the start you can place the headline, some visual elements, recommendations, contact information, etc. Only after the visitor has gone through all of these do they have to confront the CTA.

The last type actually reverses the relation. In this instance, you would be the one asking for something. Namely, information. You have to place the questions and the text boxes in a manner that is clear, concise and simple. At the end of these questions is a CTA which sends all of this information to you. Which you can use for marketing, surveys, direct-emails, etc.

The conclusion

Landing pages have an unique function, which cannot be adopted by other pages. There are different types of CTAs which can be used instrumentally depending on your needs and how you want the users to act on their interests.