The relationship with your target audience

The relationship with your target audience
24 February 2022     2247

The relationship with your target audience

Any business that tries to be competitive in this or that industry has to either artificially create or meet the existing demands.

Considering the fact that graphic design is, on the whole, supported by trendy elements and aesthetic standards a lot of organizations try to directly or indirectly manipulate the perception of their consumers.

This route is usually only available when a company is a leader or one of the leaders of the particular industry in question.

In other words, normative values change depending on the prestige, reputation and the power of this or that organization.


Naturally, companies might produce artificial demands without any intentions to do so, or they might produce effects that are completely contrary to their intentions. But, generally, giant companies are not really interested in meeting the demands as they are generating them.

The essential components of graphic design

Manufacturing artificial demand is not an inherently wrongful act, but it is usually done with the intention of exploiting the users (or at least one of the side-effects is such a result); which means the nature of the act changes.

Initially it is more beneficial for your organization to focus on the necessary and important demands that ought to be fulfilled.

Especially if you have any reliable information on the current state of the industry or are willing to research it,

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If you are trying to take on a mantle that has at least partially been adopted by some other company you should be prepared to compete with them. That means having financial, marketing and strategic plans, even more so if the competitor is well established.

Take into consideration the fact that similar pictures paint a very unfavorable picture for your organization; there is no need to concede ground from the get-go unless you have to. You have alternative options.

Initial steps

A safe start can be considered as such when you mainly focus on the following things: accessibility, the articulation of information, website structure.

The latter should be the first one you should optimize considering the fact that otherwise it is impossible for your organization to have a strong online presence.

Zeroing in on accessibility will assist you in reaching the segments of audience that are unfortunately usually neglected.

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What we mean by information articulation is the quality of the content and the form that it takes as you deliver it to your audience. If blogs are the backbone of your website then design, text formatting and information provided should be top-notch.

If videos- then the camera, the rhetoric, the visual effects, etc.

Simple mistakes

Spending too much time and resources on marketing when you do not have much to offer, or if the website is not running well is obviously not recommended.

It is also pretty common to neglect hosting. Usually this is caused by the ignorance on the part of the management or the staff regarding its uses. A stable website relies heavily on its hosting provider.

Last but not least, people like to measure how successful a company is by metrics like ROI. We have talked about how problematic this is in our previous blog.