Mistakes in marketing

Mistakes in marketing
25 February 2022     2984

Mistakes in marketing

One of the biggest advantages of marketing is the fact that advertising certain parts of your online business assists other parts of it. In other words, there are certain relations between the different business elements and exploiting them could potentially help you give rise to more effective marketing campaigns.

You can take ads about blogs as an example. Blogs usually act as ads of various things themselves, so popularizing them gives you advantages regarding promoting other things.

Usually the newer companies ignore this relational dynamic as such try to separate their marketing campaigns into various branches, which ends up costing more time, resources, energy. Plus, the result tends to be unsatisfactory still.

How to utilize these connections?

You can simulate navigational schemes through testing in order to better understand how your users respond to the website and its components.


The goal should be to make as tight as possible the chain that the user follows while also being interested in the content you deem important.

You can subdivide the entire process into smaller parts to better understand which parts require more of your attention. The tools like Google analytics, Matomo and Hotjar can help you gain insight into how varying elements affect the users.

If they do not care much about your main pages, then you might have to upgrade your hosting packages, or otherwise have to improve the functional side of the website.

If they leave a few pages in then they might have lost interest in your content, or may have been put off by your design choices.

If they do not follow through all the way there are probably some notable problems with your conversion forms. Maybe they are too confusing, or you are offering too many alternatives, then again maybe they do not trust you, etc.

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Utilizing platforms

You have probably already heard that substituting one platform with another is a bad idea (for example: Linkedin with Facebook). Considering the abovementioned ideas it becomes even more clear as to why that is.

Different platforms can drive traffic to one another. Particularly when you know how to adjust your tone depending on the app or website you are using. E.g your approach should be completely different on Twitter, more informal, than on LinkedIn.

Building strong connections

Building such connections and as a result keeping the interest of your users stable throughout their journey on your website is quite a tall order. A lot of giant companies struggle with this, too.

Leaving technical details aside the organizations that manage to keep their clients hooked usually manage to do this because their organizational values seem (or are) appealing.

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It is imperative that the organization not only have certain values but that it learns to express them in the right manner; which entails establishing strong communication channels with your audience.

If your brand has been recently founded take into account the fact that your average client knows next to nothing about your organizational values. So do not expect them to be interested from the get go. You have to get across what you deem important in an effective manner.