Graphic design & communication

Graphic design & communication
07 April 2022     2962

Graphic design & communication

Communication is one of the most important parts of any online business. The role it plays becomes evident whenever it is needed to for supply to meet demand, which is basically all the time.

Communication should not be understood in the simple, reductive manner where we only engage in its practices whenever we post or comment something.

One of the core components of branding is using it in the right way to communicate your values. Especially in an era when people jump to conclusions more quickly than ever when it comes to visual elements.

In the previous blog we have outlined the importance of personalization. Particularly when your organization understand the different characteristics of its native industry and its target audience.

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In cases like these even choosing the right tone can go a long way. As a result if you understand where your users are coming from it becomes much easier to communicate with them and establish business relationships.

Well-chosen design elements

Depending on what goals and aspirations your organization has and what kind of demographic it is aiming at you will be able to more appropriately plan how a website/app/page is ought to be designed.

Using visual elements for communication has always played a very interesting and noteworthy part in the history of the human race.

Kate J. Murchie addressing this very topic, outlines how our mind, because of abovementioned factors, is quite sensitive when it comes to how pictures and blocks of text are distributed and organized (Leborg 2006). For example, if we wish to make a comparison it is a good idea to place two objects (pictures, videos, paragraphs) parallel to each other, side-by-side, in order to make quick focus shifts possible.

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It is also crucial to provide information is an easily digestible and well structured manner, in order to reduce reading fatigue. For example, if our online business is oriented towards piquing our customers curiosity and giving them heaps of information about the subject they are interested in, we would be well advised to offer that information in a way that reduces said fatigue (Lidwell et al. 2010).

We can further contribute to effective structuring by making the form hierarchical; possibly by changing the font or the color. This helps make the navigation as seamless as possible, especially considering the fact that users like to quickly dart across a page in search of what they are looking for (Saltz 2009).

Additional details 

You can use different design elements such as colors, fonts, animations and graphic illustrations in order to deliver your messages with a certain tone.

aesthetic wallpaper

You can also completely refuse to use certain animations, colors, fonts in order to make your website look professional and not go for a casual vibe.

Accessibility and the different aspects of graphic design are deeply intertwined, as you would not be able to reach a pretty substantial amount of people without adhering to accessibility standards.

With these elementary steps you can generate different principles in order to better communicate with your users.