Storytelling in design

Storytelling in design
16 November 2022     1410

Storytelling in design

One of the best ways to garner an audience is to frequently discuss the values, ideas and the stories that are important to you. There are millions of different online businesses, in Georgia thousands; it is very difficult to leave your mark in a given industry if you do not have some well defined beliefs. Of course, it is much easier to simply focus on going viral or improving your conversion rate, etc.

However, a lot of people want their workplace, the organization they work in and the culture that permeates it to reflect something more important than mere monetary value. If there is a brand out there that you actually trust to some degree, it is likely because of qualities like these.

Storytelling is one way to introduce your organization to your target audience, to make lasting impressions on your coworkers and pique the interest of new users. But, all this entails setting some ends, choosing ethical means and taking actual responsibility with regard to your customers.

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Schematism in storytelling

At first, you have to think through what it is that you actually want to say. Different methodologies are called for in varying situations. Whenever you give an exposition or set a theme you can always implicitly cross out different options. For example, if you want to retell a moving story, naturally, it is for the best that certain design elements and narrative styles are out of the question, so you can fit your story better in an organic framework.

About us

This type of webpage helps you quickly and concisely summarize what you have to say about your organization. Here you can quickly review the history of your company, your favorite project, the goals that you have set, introduce the members of your team, etc.

In short, this webpage will give your customers the opportunity to directly get some information about you, instead of having to resort going through numerous blog posts.

Therefore, we advise you to take every little detail, that is utilized on this single webpage, in account. Since, you can only use a few words the way you go about it is vital.

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Try to look at all of this from the POV of the user. If you were visiting a website for the first time what would catch your eye or leave a positive impression on you?

Blogs and projects

Another way for the visitors to get to know you is through your posts. They can be social media or blog posts, maybe those on your projects. Whenever you decide on writing one try to be as specific as possible.

Additionally, it is recommended that you choose a style of writing. On the one hand, you could incline towards more detail-oriented data analysis, or otherwise, you could go for a more literary, pleasant-to-read style. Of course, there are many other options on the table, including an option somewhere between the two we have outlined. Do not forget that your design has to correspond to the way you like to go about writing blogs.

It must be said that none of this matter if people are not able to access your website in the first place. In order for them to find it at all they must come across it somewhere, usually on Google. That is why we discuss SEO often and have made a brand new platform, mySEO, which give you automatic reports on you SEO progress.

Design and the visual aspects

It is obviously the case that you cannot really articulate ideas or values through design. The insistence on that idea has become a little bizarre lately, although good design helps with reading comprehensibility and it, largely, gets across what kind of a firm you are (e.g. more modern, lax or more classic, professional). It also has a neat effect of being somewhat memorable, which might become useful in terms of branding.

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A lot of things with regard to design depend on contextual clues. How many pictures or what kind of videos you include will be largely dependent on what you are discussing and how. E.g. if the blog is about trends it is better to be visual heavy, if its about theory best stick to decorative pictures or infographics.

Things to avoid

Two main things that most companies do not take into account are the tone and the praise. By tone we mean they are either way too distant or completely unprofessional. As for the praise, it is best to avoid going on about your achievements, if they are called for simply point out your projects or a relevant blog (it has to truly be relevant, otherwise it can come off as boasting)

Also, avoid meandering too much, or including jargon that your visitors will not understand, if you need to include it then either explain it or link an explanation. Whenever you are telling a story do not simply stick to a dry narration, try to liven it up a little.

And finally, think of specific segments of your audience and try to imagine how they will receive your work. Focusing on solely a few segments is a good way to lose some potential customers.

Sooner or later your blog posts will become too old for the new users to see or for the old ones to remember. In situations like these you could always rework those blogs in a way that keeps things fresh (by adding a few interesting facts for example).