Linkers & utilizing links

Linkers & utilizing links
22 December 2022     2350

Linkers & utilizing links

As we frequently like to say, utilizing links well is vital in terms of improving your SEO indicators. However, there are quite a lot of other bonuses that come with link use that can help you improve the analytic side of your business.

That is exactly our topic for this blog. We have decided to offer you another new platform, as we tend to do, this time it is, which is specifically tailored so you can make better use of different links across your web-pages.

The starter plan is absolutely free, so you can start taking advantage of the platform right away. On the off chance you have more requirements than the starter plan offers you, there are heftier plans included as well.

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The main goal of

We made this platform specifically so you could get something out of the most mundane processes. Developing strong relationships are crucial for those of us at myGO. Therefore, we are always trying to improve further in this area, coming up with new ways of understanding what our customers want, desire, or aim at.

Knowing your target audience is one of the most important factors in your business being successful or well-known. This affects both the consumer and the creator side; the process becomes faster, more elegant and there are less causes for misunderstanding or confusion. Which is quite important in this field in particular.

Linkers is constant source of new information about your users. Of course, this entails telling them that you do have such information and how you plain to use.

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Otherwise, you not only stray to the immoral but also the ineffective side. People are quick to lose trust when it comes to corporations (for good reasons, too), so we advise you not to play with fire. How often have you had instances where you initially lost trust in this or that organization and then completely built it back up?

The advantages of Linkers

The most basic function this platform offers is shortening the links, but this one tool is nothing compared to everything else it has to offer. You can also change the link name, type, subtype (i.e you can group links by spaces). This gives you an opportunity to brand your content more thoroughly and either share or export some data whenever you think it is appropriate to do so.

Linkers has been integrated with the following platforms: Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Ad Manager, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Bing, Quora, Adroll. Of course the first 3 are the most important and your marketing campaigns are probably going to be centered around those.

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As for the statistics it provides you we offer you information about the countries, cities, languages, devices, browsers, platforms and referrers on any given link

Linkers also uses pixels, which are tools for long-term engagement with your customers. For example, if you attach a link to one of your blogs any users entering the web-page linked would now be recognizable with the help of this pixel. Therefore, if you so desire you can tell what piques the interest of a user with this or that pixel. You could also try showing ads to those

Here, we have to mention that there is an option to limit who view the links, too. You can set a password on it, or otherwise make a temporary link (alternatively, combine the two). Of course we offer you these tools both for personal and professional goals. Additionally, you have the opportunity to use temporary links if you want to limit the reach to them