Social media platforms and their characteristics

Social media platforms and their characteristics
14 December 2022     1681

Social media platforms and their characteristics

The use of social media platforms is an almost inseparable part of any online business. That much goes without saying, platforms like these offer flexibility and various tools in order to attract additional segments of the target audience.

Our team has put out a few blog posts about this specific topic in the past year, so if you want to learn some more about it you can check those out.

Of course, every platform comes with its own unique characteristics and that is precisely what we are going to be discussing in this blog. Depending on what kind of organization you are running and the types of goals you have set for yourselves some aspects will come to the foreground. It is better to concentrate your efforts on one or two platforms and be somewhat active on 2-3 of them. Taking even more work on, in terms of branching out to other platforms, usually tires out your workers and demands additional resources. In short the rewards are, as a rule, not worth the risks. Especially when it comes to the users themselves, as they might get bored or irritated as a result of you clogging up all their timelines daily.

Choosing the platforms themselves is a tricky process, make sure not to just go with our gut but explore your options with the interests and the characteristics of your target audience in mind.


Depending on their age groups and the industry you are in you could get a rough picture of what you should go for, although a more thorough examination obviously yields better results more often than not.

Strategies and approaches

One of the more important aspects in terms of popularizing your social media accounts is networking, its types and how proficient you become at it. A decent way of improving your networking efforts is to start partnerships with other companies, which can help you reach additional segments of your target audience. It goes without saying, that the organization you contact and its own target audience should be at least somewhat connected with yours.

Also, avoid being overly enthusiastic, do not ask for follow for follows and never buy followers for your accounts.

On top of that, avoid using generalities and being overly formal with your customers. It should not come as a surprise, that people do not enjoy being treated like they are the 500th person that you are talking to for the day.


Furthermore, finding the opportune time for your posts, emails, marketing campaigns and ads is something you should take serious note of. Moreover, it is not simply about the hour or the seasons but the context behind them as well. If you are planning to make a marketing campaign during the winter holidays then it would probably serve you to build them around such events.

Take into account your budgetary constrains as well, it is much better to show restrain in your goal-setting and accomplish whatever it is you have set out to do rather than shoot for the stars and crash immediately; because that is usually what happens. Sometimes it is hard to discern how incremental change affects your long-term outcomes.

Factors to take into account

As we have outlined above, it is better to exploit the advantages the platform you have chosen has. The content and its form should best be fitted accordingly.

Videos are best suited for YT and Tiktok, although the choice between the two should probably come down to how long the videos are. Instagram, on the other hand, has lately been trying to boost their popularity by helping new reels grow. Videos are also good tools for advertising your content in Facebook. Here again the length of the file should be taken into account, if you are trying to reach a very specific audience you can relax a little on the constraints, if not best to keep them in place.

If you have set your heart to putting out various pictures, infographics, art, etc then Instagram is your best bet. Particularly, if you have a distinct style that accompanies all your work.

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Blogs and social media posts are a way to keep your audience up to date, too. Almost any type of project, news, fundraising campaign or even a sale is an acceptable tool in order to get users interested in whatever it is you are doing at the moment.

Whats more, old content can be reused, even if it is just an anniversary celebration or a blog post addressing a common question people have. This showcases that you have been around for a while and have had something to offer in the past, which could get some users to look into your older stuff.

In livestreaming you will have basically no competition, although it will be incredibly hard for you to make any use of it, since, on the one hand, whoever is handling the livestream should be at least decently charismatic and whatever they are relaying should be similarly interesting.