Our organization and its different platforms

Our organization and its different platforms
08 February 2023     1132

Our organization and its different platforms

For the last 9 years we have been offering you various services and products. Here we want to showcase a few of them, their functions and roles with regard to our current and future projects.

First and foremost, all of our products and services create a consistent, complete whole, i.e. all of these platforms coalesce into a single, unified system.

The goal of this system is to make various processes easier for our customers. As time passes, it becomes harder and harder for an online-business to remain competitive, with numerous new relevant variables that come into the mix, especially when it comes to international projects.

That is exactly why, it becomes important to provide our users the tools and general means, that help them save time and resources.


Delivering high-quality websites and apps is what myGO is about. Completing 100 projects with some of the most influential companies in the country has helped us find reliable ways of understanding the interests and the desires of our customers.

Some customers ask of us to follow their plan to a tee, others want us to share our ideas, analyses and evaluations regarding various subjects. Our team is ready to offer you interesting schemata for your potential website no matter which way you lean.

Moreover, after we are both finished with the project myGO offers 3 months of completely free support. This entails things like bugfixing, getting rid of mishaps, adjusting some details, etc.

On top of all that, myGO offers you services related to strategic counseling, project management and online advertising.



Considering its name, it should not come across as a surprise that the company has to do with servers. More specifically, it provides cloud, VPS and dedicated servers in Georgia, Germany and Finland.

Your hosting provider affects your SEO attributes, as well as whether your website is accessible at a given time, how fast it is, what kind of a first impression the visitors are more liable to have, how well-protected your information is. For those reasons, choosing a high-quality service becomes a central factor when it comes to growing your online-business.

Server1 is not much younger than myGO, the two are the first couple of companies our organization created. Given that experience, avoiding even the smaller problems is made easier for the both of us.

Just for ₾6.99 you can start using the services of Server1 which come with: unlimited domains, unlimited subdomains, unlimited traffic, unlimited emails, unlimited FTPs, unlimited MYSQL, etc.



mySEO is made for those who are looking for some assistance when it comes to SEO. Since how well your website ranks on differing search engines is a result of myriad factors, you might be looking to find ways of saving some time and energy.

If you want your organization to become more visible to a larger audience you are going to have to devote a lot of time and attention, among other resources, to the thing that decides how your website will be ranked.

mySEO has an algorithm that automatically sends numerous reports about how well your website is performing with respect to SEO. Additionally, the reports include recommendations as to how to deal with the issues your web-pages have.

You can get 10 reports for free simply by registering. If, on the other hand, you are interested in purchasing more comprehensive packages, you can start with the smallest at $10, which includes a great many bonus functions.



Linkers is a platform that tries provides tools that help get most out of the simple utilization of links itself. With it you can receive assorted heaps of information about the users that click a given link.

Since, to us, positive customer relations are a core part of a successful business, it becomes important to better understand our audience, their goals and needs.

Linkers provides the type of information that is not invasive, but at the same time it allows you to group users together in order to offer them the content they are actually interested in.

To add to that you can shorten links, brand links (i.e. make the name of your organization the domain), restrict viewership through passwords and put a timer on links, use pixels, etc.

With pixels you can categorize users in a way that allows you to offer them sales, promotions, ads or similar content that they have already shown themselves to be curious about.



Wik is a platform that offers website builders. In other words, it provides you with a few types of ready-made websites that you can edit anytime.

In terms of design, there are 7 available templates, which are tailored for mobile use as well. The content on the website is adjustable at any point, too.

Since Wik is generally used by those who are just starting out, like builders generally are, we attempted to make each step of the way as seamless, fast and intuitive as we could. If you decide to use Wiks services you will not have to worry about the functional side of your website, all of that is taken care of in advance.

Each of the templates comes with a dedicated blog section, which becomes especially useful if you are already utilizing tools from mySEO and Linkers, since both of these platforms provide crucial information regarding your SEO data and how to proceed with it.

This platform is tremendously helpful for those who do not have the means or the need to use services from myGO.


Blog posts

Moreover, myGO, Server1 and Wik all have their own blog sections, which contain heaps of information about varying subjects. Considering the characteristics of myGO, we also offer blogs in English for our international customers.

Every website is concerned with its own specifics, myGO among them has the most multifaceted content, in terms of both the complexity and the subject matter.

The blogs on Server1 are put out with the following things in mind: addressing the concrete problems and processes our customers have to deal with and general explanations concerning topics centered around hosting.

Wik is a new platform, its audience made up of people who are interested in introductory material, so that is precisely what we concentrate on in our blogs on there. If you are just now taking your first steps in the Georgian business world, the blogs on Wik will be quite relevant to you.