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Mobile App Frameworks
05 September 2020     3913

Mobile App Frameworks


If you are planning to launch a new mobile app on iOS and Android, we recommend the Native SDK or React Native as a working platform. 

Native SDKs

Native SDKs, or standard tools and API provided by Apple and Google, for creating applications on their platforms. Overall, this approach gives you the best long-term support.


  • Best Support - Develop snap or third-party external devices.
  • Quick access to new features - Other platforms do not update as soon as a new feature is released, while Native has quick access to new features.
  • Standards for Automated Operating Systems (OS) - The standards for navigation and user interface platforms are automated.
  • Best Documentation - The new API is easy to learn and use, with official and third-party manuals and resources.
  • Security - Low risk of API interruption or hacking.


There is no code sharing feature - your application must be processed twice, for each platform. Please note that this does not necessarily mean that it will take twice as long or you will have to pay twice as much.

React Native

React Native is the most popular cross-platform framework we also get from our users. Their choice is usually determined by JavaScript developers.


Fast development - it quickly updates features such as fast reboots and code changes. Flex layout - Choose the popular and understandable Flex layout technology, it makes it very easy to develop React native components. JavaScript is a very popular language in mobile application development. Since this is JavaScript, developers can use almost any NPM package. Code sharing - It is possible to work on your application using two different platforms, without any changes. Only parts of your interface will need to be reformatted on each platform. You can even share the code in web applications. Popular and growing - this is the most demanded cross-platform framework.


Although React Native seems to be stabilized, we recommend the version whose number starts with Zero Dot. Incorrect Matching - In React Native, an application is downloaded in an environment other than the startup mode. This can lead to problems that are very difficult to diagnose. React Native works very fast and without problems on iOS, but it still has some shortcomings on Android. The system and updates running on Android are certainly more complex than on iOS. Recently Discord chose to use React Native on iOS, but they still use the Native SDK for Android.


We have five viable options for mobile development with varying degrees of native and cross-platform. While we recommend using the native SDK, there are also reasons why you should use cross-platform tools as well. Sharing code does not mean that your app will be written faster, nor does it mean that your mobile app will cost less.