PHP Application Development

PHP Application Development
05 September 2020     8028

PHP Application Development

To find a quick solution to the problem, large companies are trying to find reliable software.  

What is a company / business app?

An enterprise application is usually a business management tool designed for the specific needs of the organization. Unlike a direct customer communication application, which is built on the concept of marketing, a corporate program often deals with internal solutions that are relevant to the activities of a particular corporation. 

A corporate solution can be a content management system (CMS), a customer relationship management (CRM) tool, an enterprise resource planning system (ERP), or any other tool that manages an organization is assets. 

Business software ensure should be: 

  • Trusted;
  • Protected;
  • Large-scale;
  • Strong;
  • Independent;

Lets consider a typical solution to a corporate problem, a healthcare organization should have high availability, a post-disaster recovery plan, and be able to guarantee the privacy of its customers. It must comply with the rules and laws of each country in which it operates. The solution should also include features such as real-time reporting and advanced monitoring tools.  Of course, you will need data encryption and hosting protection provided by SSL certificate, IP restrictions or blacklists as well as backups of automated databases. This may require complex business logic, with various third-party software integrations such as real-time messaging, PDF reports, diagnostics, data import and export, LDAP, or other access services. An example of a corporate solution that includes third-party services and the use of data security / encrypted layers. 

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Scale and execution of PHP software development

The biggest myth in PHP software development is that unlike Java and .NET, PHP does not represent a scale that makes PHP software development useless in the enterprise. But this is not the case. The main characteristic work in web applications is related to network traffic or connection to the database. Higher performance means faster or less load.

Speed network download can be processed by the client or server caching method. PHP already has support for APC, Redis, and Memcached. They store codes or database objects directly in the server database.

Less load It is easy, you limit the number of all connections and requests to the database and performance will increase.

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Web / Database Load Balancing Model.

Since Facebook introduced HHVM, the infrastructure has changed what is possible when developing PHP applications. HHVM (HipHop Virtual Machine) increases productivity and reduces workload to a minimum. It converts PHP (and hack) code by bytecode-Si, via JIT. Performs additional optimization and translates everything into code. This reduces latency and speeds up code work on the server. 

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HHVM Model: Translate PHP code using JIT.

How sustainable is PHP application support?

When it comes to service, PHP is really serious because of its long-term support. The previous version of LTS - 5.6, which was released in mid-2014, enjoyed support until 2018. In addition, thanks to the excellent PHP Manager, any ready-to-use component, such as an authorization package or user management tool, will be automatically updated when a new version of the package is updated.

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If a new version is available, it will update it automatically, without any risk.

Developing PHP applications helps the team develop new skills

The level of knowledge of the group determines the outcome of the project (except, of course, for any external or other circumstances). Easy access to PHP allows programmers to quickly develop the skills to receive training courses or certifications. The ability to prioritize work allows you to plan future issues more carefully.