Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
20 April 2020     6444

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Oftenly, we see organizations that start thinking about designing a new site without considering optimization in the search engine. 

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Where should we start?
It is important to note that we will not touch on the details in this article. Instead, lets look at an example of a new site and what questions to ask in order to avoid unforeseen problems in the future.

How will a new website affect the goals of your business;
What is the purpose of the site;
How to control these goals;

Meaning of commercial website:
One of the most important sources of income;
Traffic on the website should increase sales and reduce costs;
With Google Analytics, you can control the productivity of your site.

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Goal planning and execution
The goals you set will be announced in the next steps. If you are starting from zero, there are a few important things to do:

You need to define your segment - You need to determine the demographics of your customers to make them aware of your business or product.
Identify the main message of your website - What type of content will be most appealing to the target audience. 
The visual side of your site - Through the site you will present your brand, which should be attractive to your segment.

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Search for meaning
After segmentation, the main message of the site, and the design of the site, you need to start observing the users actions and engagement. It is also time to consider what your core audience is looking for. There are keyword tools, and if your business has a Google Ads account, you already have a big advantage. Also there are some tools, like Ahrefs, Moz and Semrush options for discussing all of this, but not free.

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Before you finish your site, In the process of its creation, make sure your developers follow SEO criteria when it comes to On-Page-SEO optimization.

And finally …
We also remind you that SEO is always changeable. One way to set clear goals and measure them is to monitor them and adjust them as needed.