5 simple tips on copywriting

5 simple tips on copywriting
28 February 2024     471

5 simple tips on copywriting

Attention spans are shrinking real fast. Amidst the constant barrage of information, your copy needs to somehow be interesting enough for people to read it and care about it. It is really difficult to write a copy that fulfills those to requirements. And it is consequently not a surprise that it is hard to give concrete recommendations on the topic. But there are still some simple things you can change. As for the mistakes specifically, we have discussed them in our previous blogs (1, 2).

1. Your Main Advantage

Do not let your unique selling proposition (USP) hide in the back alleys of your website. Treat it like a big deal, guiding potential customers towards the value you offer. From the very first sentence, highlight your key advantage, and then strategically reinforce it throughout your copy. Whether it is your industry-leading innovation, your commitment to exceptional customer service, or your dedication to using sustainable practices, own your strength.

From website copy to social media posts to email marketing, should probably be an echo of this core strength, reminding readers why you stand out in the sea of competitors. Do not tell them you are the best; show them the tangible benefits they will reap by choosing you.

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2. Avoid Vagueness

Transparency is Key: Clarity is the north star of impactful copywriting. Ditch the riddles and the flowery language that leaves readers wondering if they have stumbled into a corporate meeting. Be crystal clear about what you are offering, avoiding jargon or overly complex sentences.

Whether it is a free trial, a limited-time discount, or a groundbreaking new product, spell it out with laser focus. This eliminates confusion and ensures every reader, regardless of their background knowledge, understands the value proposition you are presenting. Imagine crafting your copy like a user-friendly instruction manual, guiding readers through the steps with simple, straightforward language.

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3. Less is More

Fluff is the kryptonite of impactful copy. Eliminate unnecessary words and corporate speak that weigh down your message. Readers skim, so make sure your copy lends itself to that. Every word should be carefully chosen, supporting your core message and propelling readers towards action. Use the active voice. Short sentences. Short paragraphs. Your copy should get the basic points across without becoming a chore to read.

4. Keep It Concise

Do not drown your audience in a sea of text. Practically no one has the time to be reading random copies. Brevity is an important advantage. Keep your copy focused, conveying your message effectively without becoming a marathon to read. Remember, your target audience likely has limited attention spans and competing priorities. Hook them quickly, deliver your message just as fast, and leave them wanting more, not overwhelmed.

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5. Self-Praise

Self-congratulatory copy falls flat on its face. Instead of singing your own praises, reframe your message to focus on the benefits you offer to your audience. Translate your strengths into tangible value for them. Instead of saying you have "unparalleled expertise," highlight how that expertise translates to solving their problems or exceeding their expectations.

This shift in perspective resonates more deeply with readers and builds trust in your brand. Remember, you are not selling yourself; you are selling the solution they need.