Effective work remotely during the coronavirus

Effective work remotely during the coronavirus
17 April 2020     7340

Effective work remotely during the coronavirus

COVID-19 is spread all over the world. Countries introduced quarantine measures, closed public places, schools, universities, and companies switched to remote work schedules. For many companies, all this came as a unexpected and it seems that they were completely unprepared for such a situation and had problems communicating, managing and controlling. 
In this article we want to share with you our experience on how employees should work effectively in remote mode.

In order to work remotely from home, a few essential things are needed.
Computer / laptop;
Good internet connection;
Chet and Conference programs;
Access to the companys network and systems;

Isolated workplace;
Self-motivation and discipline;
Access hours;
Lets look at the most important things that should not be overlooked when working remotely.

At MyGO and Server1, we control all our Internet security risks that are also associated with remote operation. Our employees use only companys devices (computers and laptops) to work from home. All their connections, information and devise are protected from any hacker action, which includes full encryption of the disk, strong password protection, multifunctional authorization, VPN connection with the organizations internal network, etc. Do not leave work equipment unattended, control use of external devices such as USB storage, etc. Our IT team is always in control of the work process. We know what to do if something goes wrong with  device, network, or security system.

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Remote communication of the team

In addition to technical issues, communication is another important point for effective remote work.  Since there is no office attendance only way to communicate is through chats, video calls, phone calls and e-mails. Employees should be online during working hours, or at least have “available time” for conversations. 

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Project management and reporting
Remote work is not the same as office work. It is no longer I will come and explain, name assignments such as "Bug1" in JIRA, etc. It is desirable to have a complete description of the assignment with pictures and supporting documents. We recommend informing the team about all requirements and important projects.

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Self-management and discipline
It is unlikely that all employees will have an “ideal” working place and an atmosphere like they had at work. Perhaps their attention is drawn to other personal issues, which will lead to delays in work issues and in turn will affect the work of the whole team. It all depends on self-discipline and responsibility.

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Tips on how to be self-organized during remote work:
Wake up at the same time as before;
Start working at the same time as in the office;
Create a work area as your own "office";
Make a work plan for the day;
Ask questions, don not neglect your colleagues, get involved in the work process;

Interaction is the key to team effectiveness in the current situation.
Most people will learn to live and work in isolation, adapt to new circumstances, and overcome difficulties. In addition, there will be plenty of new businesses that produce products and services for remote life, as well as increasing the number of product ordering and delivery services applications. Today we are facing a challenge that we have not yet experienced.

Be safe - be healthy!