The Best Free Tools During COVID-19 to Communicate With Your Team While Working Remotely

The Best Free Tools During COVID-19 to Communicate With Your Team While Working Remotely
17 April 2020     7898

The Best Free Tools During COVID-19 to Communicate With Your Team While Working Remotely

Due to the global coronavirus situation businesses are looking for the best tools for working remotely and need solutions for: Managing Virtual Teams, Time Management, Project Management, Video Conference Calls, and much more.
In this article you can see some of the most useful and free tools of communication for remote work. Many big tech companies and platforms meet this requirement, offering free versions or paid plans and adding additional features to teams of designers and developers.

LinkedIn: Free online, remote learning  courses
LinkedIn offers online, remote learning  courses at Linkedin Learn that include: Time Management, Productivity Tips, How to Attend Video Conferences / Meetings, Stress Management, Virtual Team Management, How to add Virtual Meetings Management, and more. Such as Zoom, Webex, Skype and Microsoft Teams.

linkedin learn

Adobe Connect is free for web conferences until July
Adobe offers a 90-day free Adobe Connect meeting and training program. Its features allow you to create a virtual room and collaborate with team members, users and partners using any device. It is often used for webinars and it is an excellent resource for maximum attendance and control of results. You can connect 25 participants for free.

adobe connect

Zoom: Teaches users how to use Zoom productively, for their activities
Zoom offers a video conferencing tool for free. In addition, they provide training and various resources for businesses as they are able to coordinate their teams using Zoom. From February, the company provides customer support and business continuity, while Zoom Conference licenses are free, allowing users to connect online for up to 40 minutes. Services include:

Unlimited video conferences with up to a 100 people.
High quality HD video and audio;
Personal and group chats;
Meeting rooms;
Online support;


The Google G Suite Enterprise version is free for everyone
G Suite Enterprise is free for everyone, until June 1, 2020, the service provides:
Large meetings, up to 250 participants per call;
Live streaming for up to 100,000 viewers in the domain;
Ability to record meetings and save in Google Drive;

google g suite

Free access to Hootsuite Pro until July 1
Hootsuite is a social media management tool used to plan social media posts, and now helps businesses offer their plan for free until July 1, which includes additional features such as launching ad campaigns and managing / controlling statistics.

hootsuite pro

Microsoft 365: "Teams" is available to everyone for 6 months
Microsoft offers a 6-month free "Teams" feature available only to Microsoft Office 365 Premium subscribers. Teams can work together on projects, complete assignments, and progresses, as well as record meetings, and Microsoft 365 offers 1 TB of storage.

microsoft 365 teams

Cisco WebEx: For 90 days we offer free licenses for business sectors
Cisco WebEx, create server as SaaS, is a private cloud system, and the difference from other cloud services is that you can integrate everything into your database, as well as combine video and audio web conferencing into a private network.
WebEx offers the following additional features:
Free call function;
Unlimited usage;
Up to 100 online participants;

cisco webex

Jitsi Meet - No account required
Jitsi Meet - Free program without installation. An easy option for meeting with customers or large groups.

jitsi meet