Ecommerce advertising on Google

Ecommerce advertising on Google
06 May 2020     5367

Ecommerce advertising on Google

Do you have an online store and want to increase traffic to your site? Or do you want to make an online store? No matter what your current situation, we are confident that Google Ads will help you raise your brand awareness and sell your product/service.

What is Google Advertising ecommerce?
Google Ads is a paid advertising platform that Google offers. Using it, you can run your e-commerce ads on a variety of keywords of interest to you. This way you can land a specific service / product to the target users who are looking for the product or service you are selling.

Why you must to use Google Adwords for your online store (ecommerce)?
"What can Google Advertising do for us?" Lets look at some of the main reasons why you no longer have to lose time and start Google Ads campaigns:

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Massive reach with customers through Google
Nearly 90% of people who search for something on the Internet do so using Google search engine. If you use Google Ads, you have access and reach to all the people who are searching for the product or service you are selling on Google.

Easily measurable
Using the toolbar suggested by Google Ads, we can easily test key indicators of how campaigns work and what aspects need to be improved.

Full control over your advertising budget
You can choose how much you want to pay per click by advertising and you can also determine the maximum daily budget you want to invest in your advertising campaigns.

Google Ads provides faster results than SEO search engine optimization
Using Google Ads, you can quickly and easily take the lead on the first page of Google search engine. This is a good strategy when your site is optimized for SEO.

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Google Advertising can create useful statistics for your online store
With Google Analytics, you will have a lot of useful information and you will see which issues you can optimize or change for the better to get the maximum results.

What myGO team has to offer in developing your online store:

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Proper planning / creation of Google Ads campaigns
We take information about your products, turning them into keywords that are a key component of advertising for Google Ads campaigns (search, display, remarketing and sales via Google).

Creating banners
Advertising campaigns require attractive banners that showcase your products. That is why we also provide visualization of your advertising campaigns.

Optimize Google Account
You will have a personal Google account that ensures that your Google ad campaigns work properly.

Multilingual campaigns
Do you want to start selling in different countries? We can help you create campaigns in different languages to be able to enter new markets.

Seasonal campaigns
We can create specific content campaigns for your business / products that will allow you to increase your traffic and sales.

Google Merchant feed management
We will take care of the product upload process on Google Merchant (Google Shopping and Dynamic Remarketing Campaign Requirements). 

24/7 support
You can easily contact us/anytime, to make any changes you need and to receive any additional information.

As you can see, Google Ads is a useful tool for boosting your e-commerce, increasing traffic to your site, informing potential customers, and increasing sales.
Stay ahead of your competitors, start advertising on Google today.

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