Key Factors of On Page Seo Ranking

Key Factors of On Page Seo Ranking
08 May 2020     5423

Key Factors of On Page Seo Ranking

Key factors for optimizing on-Page search engine optimization

The most important part of an online SEO site is search engine optimization.

When optimizing online SEO, it is important to follow the standards set by Google and other search engines that we will discuss in this post.

What is On-Page Seo?

content on the website so that they meet the specified standards of the search enginen set standards.

The main factors in obtaining high positions in the search engine optimization system:

Page content

The content of a particular page of a website is what allows us to capture the high position of the search result, Google attaches great importance to good content, which is determined by the users interest in your site.

What is good content?

Based on the SEO, good content has two attributes.

1.Good content should meet demand;
2.Good content should consist of links to sites that link to a website with different content;

Just like in the world markets, search engines are affected by demand and supply.
Best of content is what does the most work by delivering the greatest demand.

Title and description tag

The title and description tag is the second most important factor in search engine optimization.

The title and description tag is displayed on the search engine results page (SERP), with the title and description tag paying significant attention to both Googles search engine and social networks.
See an example of a search engine results page with a website title tag and a description tag.

seo,Search engine optimization,google

As a rule, Google displays the first 50-60 characters of the title tag, if you use 50-60 characters in the title, according to our research, 93% of the results will be displayed correctly on the Google search engine page.
The description tag allows us to use 155-160 characters.

Link structure

The link structure is the 3rd most important factor for online SEO, where the category hierarchy should be represented. See the example in the picture;

link structure,seo,on page seo,google

The number of characters used in the link should not exceed 50-60 characters.
The link structure provides the search engine with information to determine the relevance of the page to the content.
Search engines are able to prove that this page is a blog and refers to online store advertising on Google.

The best practice for search engine optimization

The displayed website meets the defined criteria of search engines:
Title tag;
Description tag; + Content on the page;
Link structure;
Picture Alt Tag;

Here is an example of one of our completed projects in terms of SEO.