How To Get High Results From Google Shopping

How To Get High Results From Google Shopping
18 October 2021     3571

How To Get High Results From Google Shopping

Google Ads is an incredibly powerful PPC system that has many different placements and types of ads, one of which is Google Shopping. Google Shopping is a powerful platform that integrates Shopping Mall (where your product updates are located) with Google Ads (where you actually run your campaigns).
The opportunity to promote not only your brand and your USP through Google Ads, but also individual products creates huge potential for e-commerce businesses, allowing you to reach a large portion of your target audience and increase sales. Audience members are actively looking for similar products and if they find the right product, they are ready to buy.
Here are the top 5 ways to make Google Shoppig successful:

Focus on product data, not keywords

When it comes to the Google Shopping campaign everything comes down to product categories and product data. You no longer need suggestions on keywords; Instead, Google automatically packs your products into each other based on the data you provide. Product groups are part of this because they allow you to sort your product and add individual markings to it, as well as important product titles and descriptions. Let’s look at an example. If you search for "Purple Nike", you will see a full list of Shopping Ad images, even though none of the campaigns were optimized for the "purple Nike" keyword. Instead, Google was able to identify products that shared a brand name and color with a search engine and matched relevant products to the customer.

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Do not forget to indicate the sales price in your product data. You can also offer products at a discount and indicate the expiration date of this price.

Use images that only contain a specific product

When your ad is displayed, you want people to notice it immediately and understand exactly what you are offering. For best results, we recommend using clear and high quality images that contain only product images on a white background. This is what you usually see when we take an example of why this is so important. In this example you can see that the second and fourth ads are significantly more prominent than the third, which almost merges with the background and makes it difficult to see the product.

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Check on mobile, but do not rely on it

More online traffic comes from mobile devices than from a personal computer or laptop, but did you know that purchases are actually made from more personal computers? 53% of all traffic goes to mobile, but online shopping on mobile is only 32%. This is not very shocking. People love to browse the mobile phone and quickly search for the information or products they need, however most likely they are doing comparisons, researching and actually buying products from a personal computer.

Offer customers competitive prices

When your potential customers are looking for products, they are given short information. They see the product image, brand name and price. While sometimes price indicates quality and quality wins, sometimes it does not. If you have two sunglasses that are incredibly similar to each other, for example, the price of one is 79 GEL and the other glasses are 143 GEL, it is not difficult to find out which products they will see first. You will be most successful when you research the market and find ways to keep your prices competitive compared to similar products in your area.

Collect reviews to stand out

Reviews have tremendous power in sales. 90% of consumers who read reviews influence their purchasing decision and consumers are willing to spend an average of 31% more on companies with good business reviews.

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If you want to make the most of Google Shopping, it is important to use competitive strategies (which include competitive pricing!) To help you reach your target audience and compete better. Because the advertising system is so complex, you need an experienced team or company that will study your business market, customer behaviors, and plan a proper and effective advertising campaign that will be able to compete with your competitors and increase both sales and awareness. Most companies today are trying to move online and constantly offer products to their customers. Given that the demand for online sales today is high, business-oriented advertising campaigns are needed as the budget should be spent on the target audience and be effective.
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