3 simple SEO tips to get traffic to your design portfolio
07 June 2023     1887

3 simple SEO tips to get traffic to your design portfolio

Your design portfolio should be not only a portfolio but also a sales tool. SEO specialist Daniela Furtado shares 3 tips to make better use of your site.
Graphic designers - or any kind of creators - have some of the most amazing portfolios I have ever seen. Each paper is carefully selected however it does not attract online attention. No interest, press, or investigation. Do you know all this?
Your design portfolio needs a marketing strategy to attract as much attention as you are looking for. It is not enough to just upload the paper and hope that the visitors will have it.
Your loved one gets lots of information every day through various ads, social media and emails. How is it possible to bypass all of this so that you can hit their screen and divert their attention to your design projects? How can your work and expertise be turned into marketing material?
My area of ​​expertise is SEO designers. I have three tips that I give to every designer to get more attention for their portfolio from sites like Google. Bing and Pinterest.
It does not matter if you are a graphic designer, animator or developer, these search engine optimization (SEO) tips will be useful for you as well.

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1. Rename your portfolio works to make them easier to find.

The first step to focusing on your portfolio is to make it easier to find them from sites like Google by keywords.
What is a keyword?
Keywords are words, phrases, or questions that we type on sites like Google, Yahoo, or Bing to find answers to our questions.
Using the right keywords in the right place increases your chances of getting to the front pages, as well as the likelihood that your target audience will find you.
for example:
Suppose. You have created a menu design for the restaurant. To make this design easier to find through search engines, avoid over-specifying and choosing a name for the page such as "Menu Design for Lorenzo Restaurant, Little Italy."
Only people who are already familiar with this restaurant and neighborhood will use the terms and names provided to find your page.
Instead, name something that will be more accessible to a much wider audience. For example, you could use the following name: "Minimalist restaurant menu design in Montreal."
Do you see the difference? In this case, your search term or phrase would be "minimalist restaurant design."

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To make this search term more relevant to your portfolio, add it to your artwork, where needed. The best options are as follows:

• Use in title (H1)
• Use in URL
• Use in the first paragraph
• Use in subheadings (H2 & H3) where acceptable
• Generally, use 8-10 times for every 1,000 words in your article
• Use (meta) in the description
• Use in the image name and in the Alt text tag where appropriate

Working with an SEO specialist will help you find keyword lists that your potential clients use on Google to find out exactly which ones to use in your artwork and how.
Since you are already interested in SEO keywords, move on to the next step.

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2. Use the portfolio to compile a history

The most common mistake that designers make is just uploading a photo gallery to their portfolio. However, Google can not read images as well as text (so far, this technology is working!).
For more attention, each portfolio work should be accompanied by text that offers context to the reader. Use the portfolio to tell a story; What has their branding been like so far? What was the vision like? Expand and show us both the process and the development of the work. That is, how did each phase proceed?
You can also attach sketches, mood boards and mock-ups. Just do not show us what it was like before development, during it and as a result. We saw a little adventure with your own eyes.
Adding additional artwork is accompanied by potential keywords as well. Use them in the image file name and alt tag to make it easier to find them on Google. Using the right keywords will help you get to the first pages of Google and attract interest for your work.
We also recommend that you include customer recommendations. You can use your portfolio as a means of content marketing or brand ownership as well as sales.
Tip: My professional advice is to develop a content structure or template that you can use for any portfolio work. Thus, everything seems more purposeful and easy to understand.
Lets take a look at my third and final step:

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3. Transform your portfolio into blog posts.

When deciding on a designer hire, they often look for keywords online for ideas, inspiration or expert opinion to find out more precisely what they want. Keywords in this "research" phase are often characterized by a higher frequency of searches, thus a greater chance of attracting attention.
Lets say graphic design for restaurants is particularly interesting to you, and your portfolio is full of design artwork for restaurants, cafes, and fast food establishments. Here are some ideas to turn your portfolio and expertise into blog posts that attract a lot of attention.
Example One: 10 Ideas and Inspiration for Cafe Menu Design
Summarize your design tips and add your artwork as examples in your blog post. The next step is to optimize the blog post for keywords such as “menu designs for cafes.

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"According to SEMRush, a keyword research tool, this keyword phrase has an average of 140 searches per month. Example Two: Psychology Beyond Restaurant Branding Another explanation of restaurant branding methodology is to make it more understandable. And again, these would mean that you have to spend for these processes. Optimize your blog post with keywords like "restaurant branding" or how to get a restaurant branding.

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"According to SEMRush, this keyword phrase has an average of 710 searches per month. This particular keyword phrase is quite competitive so your content needs to be featured to get on the first page of Google. Which may include extending or improving it, making it more PR-specific, or industry-specific.
When someone chooses one of these key phrases, you not only offer what they are looking for (design ideas and expertise) but you also have the opportunity to present your own work. In case they deserve approval from someone, you will be the first to remember them when they decide to hire a professional.
Next steps
After all this, 2 additional tips remain:

• Portfolio distribution. Turn them into social media posts, or if the work is very original, offer it to journalists, podcasters and publicists.
• Watch and measure your progress. Over the next 3-6 months, check and monitor the views to compare old results.