Does the notion of AI threaten your career in Design?

Does the notion of AI threaten your career in Design?
20 January 2022     2480

Does the notion of AI threaten your career in Design?

When it comes to artificial intelligence we are basically dealing with two categories of dialogue or (1) technology will save us and we will solve major problems or (2) we will take service and we will be dealing with much worse poverty statistics. While both types of reactions are understandable, these expectations are unfounded.

First of all, the problems that have been actively discussed in various sources since the 6th century AD are similarly acute today. For example, todays cognitive behavioral therapy is based on the elementary concepts of stoicism and is also the most reliable type of therapy according to research.
On the other hand, it is difficult to find any kind of motivation, even from the richest people, to put themselves in danger and deliberately provoke a poverty crisis. Today virtually every billionaire is trying to improve their own image through charity.

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What does this mean for designers?

In this case, too, opinions are divided into two camps. Some people think that this career is about to die, while others think the opposite.

Since everyone has their own opinion on this issue I offer an opinion on why this particular field is most likely protected from such a threat; For the following reasons:

We customers need real people
Understandably, there are some tools to help you build a website with answers to a few questions. Enter your industry, a few facts about your business and moreover not much is needed, your page will be made.

But that is not enough for most organizations. Such an approach is limited to general and uninteresting generalizations; There is no room for creativity here.
For a website to be effective it must be superimposed on both the customer and your business partners. With a few templates you can meet the specific requirements that allow different brands to present their product differently. Uniqueness is so lost and originality is one of the most important components in high-end design today. To put all this aside, the customer sometimes does not know what to do until someone is asked about something. Even the best chatbots are useless in this regard. It is simply impossible to calculate everything literally (MacIntyre, 1981).

Artificial Intelligence, Design Career, Design Job, Design Job, Design Job, Designers

Artificial intelligence will help us work more efficiently, it will not change human judgment

It is easy to imagine a design process where any program prepares code as well as colors, shapes, etc. In such cases, people find it difficult to imagine what remains in the hands of the people.
We have already seen such tools, for example, in Photoshop, where it is possible to recognize faces or change the sky with a few buttons. For some its awesome, for some its dangerous.

But it is important to consider the purpose for which such functions and tools are created. Here it becomes very obvious that they are assistants and not substitutes. You directly choose what element you are interested in, what function you are looking for, etc. These moves are dominated by your ability to choose. Such tools offer the means, the goals you choose.

Explaining all this is not enough for the more cautious pessimists. It is not necessary to assume that the crisis is sweeping by the thought that working hours and work will be reduced - hence wages. An additional danger is that it will become too easy for the user to use all of this and they will start building the project themselves.

These are much more acceptable fears though they are easy to answer. First of all there was a time when people had to write code by hand and work on elementary computers. We are dealing with a practically identical situation. As the field evolves there are often additional features, facilities and potentials. Manual coding is no longer relevant, although coding is generally more demanding than ever; This is given that this specialty has undergone numerous transformations.
Secondly, it is difficult to see the reasons why the demand for more complex projects should not increase if their implementation process is so simplified. It will simply increase the level of qualifications that young people can easily cope with. At one time the Pythagorean theorem was an innovative invention, but today - even small children master it.

Adaptation - As always

If you have been involved in web design for a long time, you know that this field is constantly evolving, sometimes in a significant way, sometimes insignificantly. However change is inevitable. Artificial intelligence will be exactly that - change. It may be much more remarkable than any other, though it is difficult to see for what reason it is sinking into this industry.

The inevitable part of web design is correcting ones own or others mistakes, starting over, mastering new skills. Consider that potential problems with artificial intelligence also require nothing more from you; Exactly what you have been doing your whole career.