5 easy ways to design in a more ethical manner
20 January 2022     1878

5 easy ways to design in a more ethical manner

Each design is made for a specific purpose and for a specific person or people. Consequently, design is a medium that is at the same time a certain communication (even if we make a design for ourselves). The presence or absence of design elements is a kind of information that allows us to draw conclusions about the quality of the work. There is no good reason to neglect these ethical components. Especially since even small details acquire a very important expression in such a medium.

First of all, the information should not try to deceive the user, ie it should not be falsely embellished, with non-functional or non-functional functions. It is important to note that the main reason for what you are doing is what you are doing.
In this article, we offer 5 ways to improve both your work process and the work itself.

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1. Focus on the goal

If you intend to provide certain information (brand history, special offers, announcement) to the customer then the means by which you do so should convey that motive as clearly and distinctly as possible. Consequently unnecessary details should either go into the background or not be part of it at all.
Examples of such details are:

Intrusive Pop-ups & Sidebar
Use the menu in the wrong place or in the wrong way
Hidden Elements
Intro (splash) pages

2. Choose a clean layout

A good website design should offer a lively, balanced exchange of information - but misplaced lines, texts and letters pose some risk in this regard. For example:

Excessively large or small font
Non-coded underlined text
Very small buttons on the screen
Incorrect color contrast (eg blue letters on a black background)

3. Choose nice fonts

Using too many fonts causes cognitive problems with perception. Which means your design will look more uncomfortable. This is especially true of Script fonts (or "handwritten" fonts) which negatively affect the number of page views.

4. Avoid some animations

Things like: Hidden fold buttons, flickering / flickering light and nudity negatively affect the user experience. This is most often referred to as light because of the risk of epileptic seizures.

More than three lights per second is already risky for such people, therefore it is necessary to take this into account in the design.

5. Simplify navigation

To use an analogy, the design structure of your website should look more like a calm river than a swamp. Offering an extra option is confusing and inconvenient for the customer, and may even lead to a loss of interest altogether.

design ethically, web development, m,obile app, web design, uiux, google, search engine optimization

Ethical design practice is required

In the world of moral imperatives, it is essential to do whatever it takes for the right reasons and purposes. Morality is not only certain rules but also a relation to the world, a means of looking at it.