Important skills of a Back-end developer

Important skills of a Back-end developer
24 January 2022     2585

Important skills of a Back-end developer

The IT sector is loaded with many different types of developers who specialize in different languages ​​and techniques. They basically fall into three categories: Front-end, Back-end & Full stack.

Given that these professions have fairly high salaries, it is not surprising that they are becoming more and more famous. Accordingly, there is a motivation to deepen the development skills, which I hope this blog will help you with.

What does Back-end Development mean?

Only visible effects when browsing any web page, i.e. the work of Front-end developers, are only apparent. However, the work of Back-end developers is required for direct operation and pleasant navigation.

A back-end developer is an employee who is responsible for the background type of work, the smooth operation of the website. If the Front-end is external, the Back-end is skeletal and muscular.

The back-end developer is the main engine responsible for business logic in relation to the Software application.

Such activities are for example ordering in real time. Additionally, it is important to note that the whole thing is done from the server side.

The main focus of this type of developer is the database, the website architecture along with the scripting. The code written by them establishes communication between the database and the browser.

A simple example of this is the blog you are currently reading. Content reaches you through the Back-end developer and the design you see is the merit of a talented Front-end developer;)

Therefore, the most important part of the back-end is to ensure the customer that their needs are met as soon as possible.

The backbone of any system is exactly the skills that these types of developers have.

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Back-end Developer Roles

The back-end developer is responsible for the functionality, speed and efficiency of the web application. This means that you are focused on the logic of creating a website and its adequate performance.

This is possible using software languages ​​such as Ruby, Python & PHP.

Through MySQL, PostgreSQL they even solve databases and data storage issues. For example, it is the job of the developers to provide the payment system with information changes as well as payment changes.

Information privacy as well as inventory management are the two most important functions of a back-end. API management and analysis of various systems are also included in their functionality. This is required to build frameworks, implement algorithms, and troubleshoot systems.

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Web Development Languages

Back-end developers basically need very good knowledge of C ++, Ruby Java. The list grows practically every year.

The language must be compatible with the project you are working on, you want to create the API you want the database. Knowledge of server programming languages ​​plays a crucial role in this regard.

Crampete offers a list of languages ​​that might (or should) be useful to back-end developers:

Java - is considered one of the most popular languages ​​due to its versatility as well as on various platforms for code activation; However this popularity only applies to desktop users.

PHP - A language used by up to 80% of web pages. Easy to compile, with lots of resources. Easy to collect data, generate content on a dynamic page, manage cookies and write desktop applications. Facebook, Viber is among the PHP users.

.NET & VB .NET is a web application framework used to create web pages using different languages ​​(Visual Basic, C # ...). It is known in the business sector for its stability and reliability. VB is one of the programming languages ​​that uses GUI to modify code. We can use VB in real time when creating mobile and desktop applications as well as games. Microsoft, Stack, Starbucks use this language.

Ruby is a popular web development language that is designed to solve simple problems with a variety of tools. Its real-time consumption can be seen in automating reproducible tasks, creating prototypes, making web and mobile applications, and so on. Airbnb, Kickstarter, Scribd use it.

Python - Its diversity has made it a big name, especially since it is easier to understand than other programming languages. The biggest advantages of Python are cross-platform usage, simple web development, shell scripting and fast automation. It is used by Netflix, Mozilla, Uber, Quora, Pinterest.

Node.js - It is believed that this language has revolutionized Back-end because of its level of performance. It is preferred when processing high frequency short messages. This avoids the use of two different languages ​​in the Back & Front end. Netflix, Nasa, Ebay use them.

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Back-end developer salary

Salaries are low compared to the front-end although the median salary is $ 72,000 a year, according to official US data. However, as a result of his career advancement, it rises to $ 100,000.


We have briefly reviewed this position and its related features to give you a more established idea of ​​Back-end developers who, unlike Front-end, also have the ability to work independently.