The significance of teamwork in design
24 January 2022     1832

The significance of teamwork in design

Creating a valuable environment for its staff should be important for any design business. This naturally implies a situation where specific individuals have the opportunity to express their own opinion, critique, formulate arguments.

How to create a culture of interactive staff?

It is not surprising that the formation of such a culture does not happen in one day. If employees think that there are obstacles, we can not turn the page with a single stroke. However, it is possible to take a few tips from Firespring on this issue that will help you achieve the desired goal.

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1. List the hard work and achievements of your team.

You can have an average workday set aside for each group member to talk about project-related news, their progress, problems, and so on. This allows the company to be more transparent, open, constructive.

Additionally it is a means of verbal encouragement, which, of course, has a positive effect on most people; It is also often a source of additional motivation. It does not matter if they helped the employee acquire a new skill, took their turn or if they came up with a new idea. The main thing is to feel that just the next tools are not in the hands of the company.

2. Communicate with staff working remotely

As a result of a new Covid mutation, omicron, or similar problems, companies that do not work remotely may switch to this system. It is necessary to find specific approaches to such employees.

Our company, MyGo, had a period of remote operation. However, it should be noted that frequent zoom appointments, emails and check-ins are very important at such times. Additionally, if it is a holiday, a novelty or someones birthday, it would be good if we use any app accordingly to make the remote staff feel better.

Design, Designer, Designers, Design, Design, Designer, Graphic Design, Digital Design, Design Blog, Designer Blog

3. Listen and act on feedback

Its nice when you know that your word has a price for those around you. So it would not be wrong if we give employees several opportunities to express their opinion, criticize or put forward any idea, to ask for changes in this or that scheme. Having such communication only at the end of the month or periodically, separately is a big disadvantage in terms of teamwork.

It is also possible to conduct anonymous polls on this or that issue; This or that particular person may not be able to express themselves due to a power imbalance, so it would be good if we take such people into account and give them extra, more comfortable means to feel at home.

4. Be honest and open with you about the company

Especially in times when things are not going so well it is a bad idea to lower yourself as if everything is in order. Staff should be able to stay calm despite the crisis, hidden failures will only make stress worse. Sooner or later the deceived team will still have to overcome various obstacles.

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It is very difficult to provide superfluous information about the companys condition and goals, so team awareness is one of the top priorities.

5. Appreciate your team

There are many ways to do this, we do not need to discuss in detail - the main thing is to make constant efforts to do so. It will be especially nice if you can do this according to your brand characteristics. Basically, people think that staff are motivated by financial incentives, although according to Harvard research this is not the case. So always try to make your employees feel valued in different ways.