Redesigning your site

Redesigning your site
23 January 2022     3057

Redesigning your site

Why a Website Transition Plan is Important and How to Use It

Creating a website after a certain period of time makes its improvement a priority. As Kanopi tells us, every few years, the code becomes obsolete, functions may no longer be available, and there is a desire to improve security and technical settings. The average website life expectancy is 2 years, though most companies stay on the same website for much longer.

Additionally, new CMS versions are released on a regular basis. You may have your site built on Drupal 7 (D7) so you will need to prepare for the move to Drupal 9.

Whatever the reason, creating a comprehensive website plan at such a time is a much better idea than a superficial update.

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The website transition plan looks at this process strategically and holistically and addresses the following aspects:

- Discuss design and UX. Can users effectively find the information on your website that they are looking for?

- Determining why / how the website is designed as it is? Which elements of the design or functionality left Jobs the same and which is better to improve?

When its time to update a site (like, word for, home) you need some template to make decisions about every detail of it as well as the goals you are striving for.

The key elements of a website transition plan are:

- Detailed review of the current infrastructure and design of the website
- Review the site URL with a visual representation or sitemap
- Analyze the purpose for which users use your website and how to use, for the benefit of both, their wishes
- High level design and UX recommendations
- Recommendations on how to organize the page better in general

When you have a plan that deals with absolute trivia it is much easier to bypass the difficulties as well as analyze and visualize the strengths.

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Additionally, it is important to understand what redesign means to you. Strategic changes that will change the content of the page or, in a word, an absolute coup.

There are some relatively small changes that have noticeable effects:

1. "Lift-and-Shift"

You can leave the design and UX identical and do "lift-and-shift". In this case the visual will remain the same however it will be replayed.

This is a good option if you, as a whole, like the design and want to make small changes. In this case you have the opportunity to improve accessibility, working features so you do not have to start all over again.


- This approach will save you time. You will not need the internal intervention of stakeholders, so you can do the job quickly.

- You can migrate small parts of the site without changing everything massively. This will help you to delay payments as well as eliminate the possibility of customer surprise.


- If you are going to convert an entire page, why focus only on small elements? In this case, this approach may cost more.

- After you do "lift-and-shift" your website may visually look the same. This can cause problems for stakeholders.

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2. Redesign

Reimagine is not a complete remake but has more of a "lift-and-shift" function. First, look at your overall strategy, vision, and position for a larger project. Consider the following technical components that incorporate the new features.


- Very noticeable changes
- A means of introducing most of the modern components
- Your website will take longer before the next update


- Maybe the cost is more
- Most likely you will have to turn on stakeholders
- More time is needed

A good website transition plan should be easy to manage in order to serve the various purposes of your site. To summarize, this plan allows you to create a template that is a prerequisite for better solutions.