SEO Optimization (Optimization for Search Engine Optimization / Search Engine Optimization) includes web pages in advanced search engines, combined with correctly scheduled search terms.

SEO Optimization is divided into two parts on-page optimization and off-page optimization. We will provide you with a web site in compliance with Google's standards, which will allow you to gain advanced positioning in Google Search Engine.

An example can be found on the link (word: remonti [რემონტი], result: Keremont.Ge): repair [რემონტი] repair [რემონტი]

We offer the following services:

Web Site SEO Analysis: Web Site Analytics Analysis, which implies the correct coding of the site and its content for search engines.
Competition Analysis: While planning a SEO strategy it is important to study and evaluate competing web sites in order to correctly select a better mechanism for competing competitors.
Planning / Analysis of Search Words: To achieve advanced positions, you need to develop a valid SEO strategy that results from the correct combination of relevant keywords for your work.

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