Digital Marketing & its influence

Digital Marketing & its influence
14 February 2022     2333

Digital Marketing & its influence

Digital marketing has become more and more influential in various fields around the world. Which is evident in the innovations springing from the said fields.

As a result the perspectives of consumers across the industries change regarding the expected services or products that ought to be delivered.

Considering the fact that marketing is built on relationships between the consumers and the producers, where there is an attempt to meet the needs and the supplies, it is not surprising that digital marketing has become pretty prominent.

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We have to remark that the "needs", on the part of the consumers, are almost never natural. In most cases this or that industry artificially generates demand through R&D, advertising or manipulation, among other things.

The relationship between the two

The widespread use of automation and the implementation of different algorithms across the board is generally associated with instances of mass data breaches.

We can use the examples of Facebook, Google & Amazon for this.

It has become so common to hear about data breaches recently that people have largely grown accustomed to the fact that their data is no longer safe by default.

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But there is no reason to get used to this particular conjunction of circumstances. Buying or otherwise getting a hold on various private snippets of information could result in changes concerning loan approval tendencies, product marketing, elections, etc.

For some the way out of this is through a consensual agreement between the two parties, which might, at time, include straight up buying information from the consumers. For many people who are not well off financially this could seem like a bargain. It is important to stress how dangerous of a situation we might end up in when the most information compromised groups are also the poorest.

Different approaches

The benefits of digital marketing do not seem so appealing with this background. Even the idea that large companies do their best to make user experience as comfortable and intuitive as possible seems a lot more malicious from this point of view.

The ease with which the transaction are carried out, after initially getting the users to sign a terms and conditions clause, drastically (but subtly) changes the power balance in favor of the people who buy or otherwise get their hands on different types of confidential information.

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The only reason those who are favored by this power dynamic would not abuse it is out of the kindness of their own heart. Giant companies are already aware that even if their data breaches are massive they will simply get away with a slap on the wrist (E.g Facebook & Google who have managed to weasel themselves out of any serious repercussions).

New tools - New problems

Whenever people develop new needs or desires they try to develop way to satisfy those needs or desires. This simple statement is true of digital design as well. We can use the example of a person using a certain app (satisfying desires/needs) and as a resulting potentially risking their information (creating a problem).

Dealing with these problems naturally generates other problems. But it is important that society creates more preferable problems in order to further develop itself. Especially when it comes to people it helps out the least.