Wik.ge - a platform for creating websites

Wik.ge - a platform for creating websites
02 November 2022     1469

Wik.ge - a platform for creating websites

myGo is offering you another innovation!

This time it is about a new platform, Wik.ge, which is oriented towards offering affordable websites, as well as integrating new functions, altering the design elements, etc. Using this platform, you can choose your favorite template and mold it just the way you want to.

Of course, this process is made easier for the comfort of the user, to the point where the user does not have to know any programming languages at all in order to create a website. We also have to mention the fact that mobile users will have no complications while trying to access your website, as all of our products are adapted for mobile use.

The things Wik has to offer

Additionally, Wik has advantages such as: generating QR codes in around 5 minutes, creating vCards, a picture library (which is there so it can make the decision making process a bit faster), Plugins (Google Analytics, Disqus, WhatsApp, Facebook Pixel, Tawk.to), pages dedicated specifically to blogging, themes (which you can choose without altering the structure of your site), and many more. All of this so our users can create a professional website for their business in a way that is fast, convenient and practical.

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Also, all of our websites are adapted to search systems (Google, Bing, Yandex), which, naturally, makes things much easier. If you are trying to garner a foreign audience - that is not a problem either. Wik offers you a few (unlimited) language options (as well as RTL support).

You can choose for yourself whichever tools seem the most handy to you and pick the bundle that is best suited towards those wants. You will be able to choose between the bundles after filling out a simple, quick registration form.

Generally, you can change quite a lot from the admin panel, provided you desire to do just that, e.g.: managing slides, pictures, videos; adding, removing or editing various blocks of information, changing the fonts, adding or removing web-pages, picking out colors, etc.

Another noteworthy feature is the support that Server1 offers to our users exclusively, which is completely free.

More specifically, you can view different variations of the layouts here, e.g.: #1, #2, #3.

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The priorities of our team

It is vital for our team to deliver a product that meets the expectations that the clients have formed about their websites. It goes without saying, that different people have differing desires, goals, interests, ideas, schemas, opportunities and tastes. Therefore, our team prioritizes hierarchically comprehending and analyzing the admixture of all these factors, so that the final product reflects these factors & criteria.

Obviously, the above entails leaving it all in your hands, on the off chance that it is your preference. That entails just abut any aspect of the website, starting from its domain to the less important design elements.

With regard to domains specifically, you can use a temporary domain that we provide, until you choose to register the one that you have picked out yourself. As for any changes you make to the website they will be saved without any complications.

Our 8 year experience on the market helps us make products in ways which are tailored to our users interests.