Digital strategies for online businesses

Digital strategies for online businesses
12 December 2022     1366

Digital strategies for online businesses

The success of an online business depend on little details and behind-the-scenes decisions that are quite easy to miss if you are not paying attention. Taking a few precautions into consideration will help you better navigate some possible obstacles in a way that leaves you additional possibilities to explore.

This becomes even more important in the sphere of online business; if the visitor does not find what they are looking for on your site (whether it takes them a few seconds or 1-2 minutes), they will simply leave and find an alternative.

Visitors do not care about how much work went into getting your hero (the part of the website that is immediately visible once on your homepage) section sorted, well and ready. It is either good enough or it is not, that is the only viable currency.

Whoever does not instantly leave your website will probably find themselves frustrated as a result of not finding whatever it is they are looking for. Your team should foresee these kinds of problems and have ready-made responses to them.

Different resources

Almost every organization has, at the very least, heard of Google analytics; Hotjar is becoming more and more popular as well. These two platforms help with pinpointing where and how the users come across problems. Sometimes, mere numbers are not enough to tell just what is going wrong, however if you have the general picture down you will be able to come up with possible response strategies and react accordingly.

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We also recommend to check out our previous blogs about usability testing and web-accessibility tools. These two offer you valuable resources with regard to the problems we are discussing here.

Our team is focused on providing you with opportunities to look at these types of concrete problems from a holistic point of view. And as a result, we have created several platforms just for this purpose.

On the one hand, we have got mySEO, which is an automatized platform offering you various reports about how well your website is running in terms of SEO.

On the other, Linkers which is a multifaceted analysis tool. It allows you to shorten links, track users with pixels, advertise specifically to the users carrying an x pixel, generate temporary and password locked links and a lot more. You can check out more details in our blog.

And finally, the hosting services provided by Server1 are vital in terms of their speed and security.

The voice and the branding

Depending on the types of strategies you devise, the tools you use and the resources that you have got in store your relations with the customers should change accordingly. For example, if you decide to make accessibility the cornerstone of your online business then you would be well advised to keep close relations with individual users. They not only have the relevant life experience but are also better suited to uncovering various problematic aspects of your design, navigation and the functional side in general.


Alternatively, you might want to go all in on design, in which case you could do worse than conducting various surveys regarding customer satisfaction. Might want to also keep an eye on the latest trends so you can keep a sustained image.

This is all contextual though, but you can still make better decisions, ask more insightful questions and offer a more well-rounded product if you actually take the time to understand what aims and interests you do have and should have.

Strategy effectiveness

Plenty of organizations struggle with determining which strategies would be useful for them, at best they figure out which strategies seem useful to them. In worse cases, they purely focus on conversion; but an approach like this is bound to get either confusing or ineffective with time, frequently both.

Organizations struggle to understand why the rates fluctuate so much at times but are, for the most part, frozen on this or that level. Otherwise, the rates might go up but at the expense of the relationship with their customers. Such an approach is dangerous because losing their trust will massively backfire sooner or later in some way.

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This is why we often recommend looking at things from both the organizational POV as well as the customer POV. These following questions might help you get started:

- Do your customers have any strong reasons for preferring a business relationship with over your competition?
- How does this or that strategy reflect on your team? Do any of the members have serious issues with it? If yes in what regard?
- In the case of some things going awry, what precautions have you taken or are you planning to take in order to tackle the problem head on? Pick a specific subject.
- How appropriate is a given time frame for this strategy? How prepared is your team for it?

Questions like these will help you better understand certain aspects of your online business. If you want to make things even easier you could use the pyramid model.

The pyramid model is a way of going from concrete particulars to abstract universals and vice versa. You are better off completing the movement in both directions since, on the one hand, you will be able to better analyze various arising problems, and on the other, you strengthen the use of critical reasoning in your organization.